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Sweater Santa Ho Ho Ho

Sweater Santa Ho Ho Ho

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This is a Screen Print Transfer. Screen prints are made using a paint process. 

SINGLE COLOR PRINTS: add 5 to your cart to get them at only $1 each!


Instructions for use:

Press at 375 degrees (you must use a heat press)

Time: 10 sec

Pressure: high

Peel HOT

You can repress using a teflon sheet for about 5 sec after peel for any corners that lifted.

*please note, each heat press is a little different. You may have to tweak your settings to get the best results.

Screen prints can be used on any colors but pay attention to what color the ink is. (black on black will not show up well)

These are made for cotton and polyester blends.

Shipping will be combined for each order.

This is a physical item that will be mailed to you. This is not a digital download.

Ideas for mediums to use our prints on:
baby clothes

You are free to use our photo as a mock up to gauge interest. BUT you are required to watermark before posting. This protects YOU and US. 

TERMS: Resale of our transfers is STRICTLY prohibited!