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Girl Scarecrow

Girl Scarecrow

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This listing is for a digital design intended for screen printing. The license to print is included in purchase.
Terms of purchase:
1. Option one. This option allows you to purchase a design in digitial form for the purpose of screen printing for $100 each design. With this option you can print unlimited prints, for unlimited time. Designs may not be shared, altered, redistributed, or sold in digitial form. PP Barn maintains the copyright to the design, but allows you to run the print as a screen print. With this option you can print yourself or have a third party print for you (most do not have the ability to print screens themselves). You are NOT allowed to run screens by mass distributors. Examples include Cafe Press and China entities who produce items on mass scale. Under these terms you must do the distributing and shipping yourself by your company. With option ONE, PP Barn will continue to run the screen itself and will offer the printing rights to other screen printing companies.
Option Two. This option allows you to hold the EXCLUSIVE printing rights to the design purchased. This design will not be offered in digitial form to other printing companies. If you choose this option, you will be the sole distributor of this print. This option is $250 each design. Again, terms for the artwork are as follows, PP Barn maintains the copyright to the artwork itself. Artwork may not be sold, altered, given or shared in digital form (doing so would negate your exclusivity, but it must be said). You must handle the distribution by your company alone and not involve drop shipping, or mass production by other entities such as Cafe Presse etc.
PP Barn hold the rights to change terms on future designs etc, but terms would be clearly laid out before any purchases (price increases, limits etc). By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms.
Once purchase has been made with either term, the other option will no longer be available. This is determined on a first come first serve basis. If the standard option is purchased, it will be relisted for others to purchase under the standard terms. 
Please let me know if you have any questions! The file will be emailed to you to keep from duplicating purchase.